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Winter is not for the faint of heart. After the celebrations of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, January and February can leave us feeling blah. Now that I feel the glimmer of spring around the corning, I wanted to share some things that have saved my life this season.

A Slow January

I already wrote a whole blog about this idea (read it here), but I absolutely loved using the month to reflect on 2023 and prepare for the new year. I didn’t rush the month and used it as the week between Christmas and New Year where I’m often frantically trying to come up with goals for the next year.

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Combining Grades

Being a homeschool mom isn’t for the faint of heart and now with teaching two, I decided to combine grades in some subjects. I teach Bible, science and history with both kids present. Not only do the kids learn together but I don’t have to spend separate time with each of them on these subjects. A win win.

Libby App

Being such a reader, I can’t believe I just now discovered this spectacular app! As a physical book reader I wasn’t sure if I would like listening to audiobooks, but I discovered I really like listening to fiction and memoirs. An added bonus is that many of them are read by the author.

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Thrive Market

Trying to eat healthier without breaking the bank hasn’t been easy until I discovered Thrive Market. Now I can purchase several of my favorite healthier snacks without spending a fortune. I’ve also found some great snacks the kids love! (You can check out Thrive here.)

Birthday Celebrations

After a slow January and heading into February I felt rather blah, but knowing my birthday, and its celebrations, were around the corner made a world of difference to my mood. I love celebrating my birthday (I actually call it a national holiday) with friends and family. This year I created another coffee crawl with several of my friends. On my actual birthday, my husband took the day off and we had a great time with the kids doing some learning and having loads of fun!

Photographer celebrating her birthday with her kids

Well there you have it. Five things that have saved my life this winter season. Looking forward to all that’s in store for spring!

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