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Growing up, I remember getting into my mom’s things and pulling out some of her clothes to play in. Dressing up in her outfit, I felt confident, lovely and beautiful. Playing dress up always creates a special kind of make believe.

My daughter loves playing dress up. Whether a ballerina, Cinderella, a school teacher, Rapunzel, a gymnast, Anna or Elsa, they are all favorites. Before she grows out of this phase, I decided to get out my wedding dress and let her play with it. 

When I told her she was going to wear my wedding dress, she was a little hesitant, then she looked into the mirror. As she looked more and more into the mirror, her reservations dimmed and the princess emerged. Swooshing, twirling and dancing with big smiles, I saw her expressing those that I felt as a girl. She may never wear or use my wedding dress when she’s grown, but I now have moments captured of her in it, to treasure. 

What’s that special dress up moment for you? Maybe like me it’s your wedding dress that’s in a box that needs to be opened to unlock the magic. Whether you have a special hat, a sport coat, or another article of clothing, it can become a special moment to share the story behind it. Maybe your child is still enthralled with their Halloween costume or with a historic person. Whatever that special dress up moment is, it can be captured! 

Detail, overhead image of dress up session
Images of girl playing dress up
Four images of girl in her mom's wedding dress
Image of girl smiling with eyes closed during dress up session
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