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It was a bright sunny day when I drove to the Byrd household to capture moments of their newest bundle of joy, Liberty Grace. Arriving a week before her due date, her older sisters are completely smitten and were eager to show her to me and get photos alongside their baby. 

We started with images of the entire family in the living room and then pictures of mom with all the girls and then dad with all the girls. I had the older sisters help me get mom and dad to laugh while I captured images of just them and their precious newborn. We then ventured to the master bedroom to get some shots of the family cuddling together. Some of the best moments were those captured between Liberty and her older sisters as they admired and studied her. We ended our time with newborn portraits and detail images where I successfully captured Liberty showing off her adorable smile and dimples, while her sisters enjoyed their lunch. 

Where do I start? I absolutely loved capturing these moments for the Byrd family (and it’s not just that they’re family)! It was a thrill to be welcomed into their home yet again to capture moments, now as a family of five as they interact with their newest girl. I was super excited that I captured Liberty’s smile complete with her dimples and laughed when I caught her sticking out her tongue. Some of the sweetest moments were how much Liberty’s oldest sister watched her mom for cues on how to act toward her baby sister. I loved capturing moments of Lloyd and Ashley in their special spot after they put their girls to bed. It was truly a great session!

Session Location: In-Home Session | Arnold, Missouri
Session Date: July 19, 2023

Image of the Byrd family with big sister kissing newborn's forehead
Images of family of five with newborn in the living room
Images of mom and dad with newborn
Images of family cuddling in the master bedroom.
Portrait and detail images of newborn girl
Overhead image of newborn girl with letter board
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