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Meeting the Wills family for an extended family session, humidity was in full-force. Joslyn contacted me several weeks ago sharing happily of doing a session with her whole family as her brother was in town. With the haze of humidity bearing down, we walked a little to our first spot for photos. 

Ferd B. Lang is the location for all Summer Night minis and the location provides a variety of great backgrounds for the sessions. While it was quite wet from earlier storms, I found grass near the path the best location for my time with the Wills family.

The family coordinated extremely well with each other. I especially loved the bursts of turquoise within the outfits. Being the only kid, Jack was adorably dressed in overalls and was quite the cutie. Despite the fact he first didn’t want photos taken of him, he quickly warmed up and think he enjoyed the tickle fights he had with his family! We began taking images of the whole family and then getting images of the original six, sibling shots, couple shots and more. The beautiful moments between mom and son left me giddy with delight! 

As we closed our time together, dad (Chris) got into the fun with requesting a pose for the family to do which was inspired from U2’s Joshua Tree album. All his kids reluctantly agreed, but I think they had fun looking randomly in all directions. While it wasn’t exact, the inspiration is there and is one of my favorites from our time together.

It was great capturing moments of Chris, Julie and their family yet again! I was thrilled Joslyn contacted me to capture them while her brother was in town. It was time for new ones, having taken photos of the family back in September 2021.

Session Location: Ferd B. Lang Park | Arnold
Session Date: August 3, 2023

Image of the extended family looking and smiling
Images of the siblings and entire group
Images of mom and son embracing
Images of parts of the family
Image of the family looking in different directions
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