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As Mother’s Day approaches, Rare Vision’s Super Mom contest winner will be announced. It has always been a joy to read the nominations from friends and family, sharing why a specific mom is a Super Mom in their book. As we approach the deadline for nominations, I wanted to share some behind the camera insights of why I chose to do this contest and why I continue to do it. 

Moms: The Unsung Heroes

I don’t think I really understood the vast amount of responsibilities with being a mom until I was one. Life drastically changed when I became a mom seven years ago. Moms don’t just care for themselves but also cater to the needs of their kids and their spouse or significant other. (I can’t imagine if there isn’t someone else to help shoulder care in the case of single motherhood!)

I remember my sister receiving a gift card and instead of purchasing things for her, she bought needed items for her kids. I didn’t get it then, but I do now. Moms juggle loads of different tasks and responsibilities without much recognition for ALL they do. (You might be thinking I’m tooting my own horn but I know of numerous moms who do so much more than me!)

Images of moms with their children

A look at the past

This is the fifth year I’ve put together this Super Mom contest. Every year I’ve received loads of nominations for deserving moms. From moms who have walked through cancer, cared for a special needs child, soloed motherhood on her own, walked through adoptions, been a care giver to her older parents…the list is endless! This year, the public will vote on the nominations, because honestly it’s been too hard for me to pick! 

What’s Next

If you are reading this within a day or two of me posting, you still have a little time to nominate a Super Mom. You can do so here. Voting for the nominees goes live Monday, April 17 when you can read why these Super Moms were nominated and vote on your favorite mom. The winner will receive not only a session package from Rare Vision Photography but also some swag from The Crafty Peacock and a gift card for some delicious treats from The Braided Bakery. Follow my Facebook to stay up-to-date on the contest.

Images of the Super Mom winners
Past winners of the Super Mom Contest
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