A Little Byrdie Told Me | What to expect at Laumeier sessions

I mentioned in my last blog that one of my favorite springtime locations to shoot is Laumeier Sculpture Park, so it’s not surprising that I’m hosting spring sessions again at this fabulous park on April 22. Here are three locations I always utilize in my sessions at this St. Louis County park.

Images taken around Laumeier Sculpture Park

Wooded spring photos

Laumeier Sculpture Park has an abundance of fun trails and I have discovered a gorgeous wooded space featuring beautiful stone steps. While this space seems very off the beaten path by visitors, it’s not too far from the other locations I shoot at. 

Images taken in the woods at spring in Sunset Hills

Modern backdrop

The Aronson Fine Arts Center was built in 2015 and brings a unique backdrop for photos. Designed by Trivers Associates, gives a nod to a barn but with a modern twist. I utilize this building 

Images taken at the Aronson Fine Arts Center

Stone mansion

The Kranzberg Education Lab is the actual estate house that belong to Henry and Matilda Laumeier. The stone house is a more traditional backdrop for photos. I typically use the front the structure where there’s covered steps and a beautiful archway! 

There you have it friends, three types of photos you’ll expect during your session at Laumeier. Wait, what should you wear? I’ve got five tips to create a picture-perfect wardrobe for you and your family for this session. Grab your FREE guide here

Images taken at the Kranzberg Education Lab
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