A little Byrdie told me | What to expect at Queeny Sessions

Last year, I discovered the other side of Queeny Park when I went there with my family. Having only been on the west side, I had no idea how many cool spots there were for photos so this year I decided to host my second wave of spring sessions there. Here are three things you can expect during the spring sessions on May 20th.

Beautiful backdrops

Once part of the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. Queen, Queeny Park boasts a variety of beautiful settings. In addition to the natural settings, the park also has the Jarville Greenhouse and a stable. 

Images from mommy-and-me session at Queeny Park

Genuine connections

Every session my aim is to capture genuine connection for those in the photo. I often give prompts to give families a way to interact which quickly leads to cuddles, smiles, tickles and laughter – perfect equations for beautiful images.

Images from a variety of sessions showing connection


One of my greatest joys is to capture moments of a family having so much fun they forget I’m there and just have fun interacting with one another. I often hear from clients, especially the guys, that getting photos taken wasn’t so hard. My goal is that each of my clients feel no stress during our time together and they leave the session with a smile and the assurance I captured their family beautifully!

Having fun while getting photos taken

There you have it friends, three things you can expect at the sessions at Queeny Park!  Wait, what should you wear? I’ve got five tips to create a picture-perfect wardrobe for you and your family for this session. Grab your FREE guide here

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