Christmas @ 20th Street Studios | St. Louis Family Photographer

20th Street Studios is a gem of a studio. Fellow photographer and owner, Emily Broadbent, opened the space as a place for photographers to utilize. The fact that it was decorated beautifully last Christmas gave me the desire to host Christmas minis here this year and I jumped on a spot. 

I hosted three families in the space and I used the space for some of my own content creation, a big win. While the space remained the same, each family were dressed differently and brought their own charm to the space.

Melissa and her girls dressed more fancy and we utilized the around the tree. Some of my favorite shots were them looking at one another and laughing. Marc and Holly delighted the camera during their couple session!  We utilized the kitchen so I could capture some cozy photos of them rolling out cookie dough together, which was super adorable. Alissa and her family, decked out in their matching Christmas pajamas, were super adorable. Capturing moments of her with the entire family as well as the Christmas magic that lit up each of her granddaughters’ eyes as they were by the tree were perfection.

I am thrilled with how the studio served me and my clients well during the Christmas sessions as well as the diversity of each session. The space provided multiple spots for photos and I can’t wait to use this studio again in future endeavors! 

Session Location: 20th Street Studios | Downtown, St. Louis
Session Date: November 11, 2023

Image of mom and daughters in front of Christmas tree
Images of family in matching pjs
Image of couple in front of Christmas tree
Image of family in matching Christmas pjs at 20th Street Studios
Images of family by fireplace
Image of couple baking at 20th Street Studios
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