Ways to display your branding images

I have seen a dramatic shift in how small businesses show up in branding. Gone are the days when selfies are sufficient to create dynamic changes in your following. Branding photography is super popular and helpful in creating a brand that looks professional, builds trusts and can help convert followers to customers. 

If you have taken advantage of a professional branding session, you are well aware of the variety of images you receive following your time with your photographer. Now what to do with all of them? Here are three ways you can utilize your images. 

Update and add headshots

When was the last time you updated your profile photos on social? Make sure to use those images where you’re directly looking at the camera (the headshots) for these places. Update them seasonally to make them reflect that time of year and make sure to change them all so they’re consistent. 

If you are using a logo as your profile image, remove it. While big brands like Nike or Apple will use their logo as their profile photo, a small business will do better if there’s a person front and center. Having a personal headshot as the profile photo image instantly helps build trust between your followers and your brand. If you have a logo, you can utilize that throughout your posts or on the header, but don’t make it the main profile photo. 

Other locations you can utilize headshots are your email signature, in email marketing, newsletters, business cards, and bios. 

Headshot images from branding sessions
Headshot images are perfect to update profile photos, email signatures and website.

Branding in social posts

Did you know that a post with an image receives more visibility and engagement than a post that is simply text? According to socialmediatoday.com, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. Utilizing posts with you doing your thing, behind the scenes work, things that give you joy will all help you get more attention and continue to build trust that you know what you’re doing.

Images of behind the scenes during branding.
Images of business owners doing business tasks and having fun as well can be used for fun posts.

Website branding

This might feel like a given, but make sure to update your website with those new images. The added part is make sure they are optimized for SEO. While taking a few extra steps to do this might feel like a pain, the ability to help your website show up on searches will help you gain new attention and might lead to new customers. Technology continues to evolve so people searching, even images, can receive more reliable results. 

Here are three ways, out of a myriad, you can utilize your images from your next branding session. As a photographer and marketer, I love helping my clients showcase their talents in creative ways. I’m currently hosting mini branding sessions to give business owners a taste of what it’s like to work with me. You can Click here to get all the details of these limited sessions.

Images of behind the scenes from a branding session.
Utilizing these behind the scenes images from Compton Collective Farm will be help show what they do on their website.
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