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There seems to be an ebb and flow to this fall season with cold temperatures during the week and it being warmer, with a not-so-fall temperatures during the weekend. I’ll take it! Saturday, I hosted four families at the beautiful Claire Gempp Memorial Conservation Area for some fall photos. I was thrilled with the weather and better yet, the fall colors seemed to have burst just a couple days prior!

My first session was with the fun, Zaricor family. Beautiful and talented mom, Natacia was so kind and considerate during our time together. Her two kids have grown a lot since I last captured them as a family (Front Steps Project 2020) and it was fun to learn what interests them, now that they’re older. 

While I knew Andrea as a teenager, it had been years since I had seen her. Now a wife to Thomas and a mom, it was fun catching up with her while capturing her adorable and at times, rambunctious family among the fall leaves. It was both heartwarming and hilarious witnessing her boy’s love for hugs and dislike of kisses from his parents.

I first met the Lester family when I did photos for them last fall and was thrilled to capture some more fall-time moments for them. While both boys are photogenic, the younger seemed to want to get into as many photos as possible. With smiles and great personalities, I was able to capture amazing moments of these boys with their parents. I especially loved how they cuddled close to mom, Nicole, for some mother-son photos, reminding me that there will always be tender moments as my own son grows. 

Last, but not least was the Martin family. I’ve known this family since their oldest daughter, a junior, was in kindergarten (you can do the math if you want!) Kailey and Nick are ecstatic to add to their family and were excited to get some last photos before they welcome baby girl. It was neat to see the interaction of the family and the differences between the two daughters, one counting the minutes until the end and the other striking a pose!

I laugh when I read this quote by Harry Morgan, “Being part of a family means smiling for photos.” While we all know there’s more than smiles and photos that tie a family together, I was thrilled to be the photographer for these fall family photos!

Session Location: Claire Gempp Memorial Conservation Area | Sunset Hills, Missouri
Session Date: October 15, 2022

Images of mother with kids on bridge
Images of family walking in the woods
Images of family with fall leaves
Images of family during the fall
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