Tristan is a Leicht | St. Louis Event Photographer

Jillian Lauren once said, “Adoption is complicated, but it is also rich with narratives of strength.” Witnessing the Leicht family’s fostering journey has been incredible and not without some bumps along the way. COVID definitely put a damper on getting a court date to make their foster son an official member of their family. Elated they finally had a date they made it a family event inviting family into their home to witness the proceedings and enjoyed seeing others log in to witness court via livestream.

David Platt once said, “It’s important to realize that we adopt not because we are rescuers. No. We adopt because we are rescued.” Knowing the family for some time, I’ve watched at a distance as Don and Kati have cared for their son while being loving and gracious to his birth mom as well. When it became official that they would indeed make Tristan a Leicht, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was thrilled when they accepted my offer to allow me to capture the day for them! Having images from the day will give them the opportunity to replay this special day in their minds and hearts for years to come. As I left the festivities after the court proceedings, I was elated, teary-eyed and thankful for the Leicht family and their open hearts to welcome a son into their home.  

Session Location: House Springs, Missouri
Session Date: April 20, 2022

Images before the court proceedings
Images before the court proceedings
Images of family clapping
Images after the court proceedings
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