A Little Byrdie Told Me | Four Locations I’m I Love

A photoshoot location is important because it gives a backdrop for the session, sets the mood and even provides some great detail images. Honestly, there isn’t a location I haven’t liked, but there are some locations that simply make my heart beat a little quicker! Here are my top four favorite locations for photo sessions.

Laumeier Sculpture Park

Laumeier Sculpture Park has been a great location to capture moments in all seasons. I’ve hosted spring minis here the last two years and love the diversity of shots I can walk away with. The park features woods, a modern building, an old stone building a beautiful manicured areas to capture some stunning moments.

Spring and fall images taken at Laumeier Sculpture Park

Shaw Nature Reserve

While Shaw Nature Reserve requires a little drive, I’ve never been disappointed with the images I took! The cyprus trees around Pinetum Lake create magic during fall sessions. The Whitmire wildflower garden and the carriage house create beautiful backdrops for spring and summer sessions.

Spring and fall images at Shaw Nature Reserve

Lafayette Square

This historic area minutes from Downtown is such a unique location. Large, brightly colored homes line the parameter of Lafayette Park which itself boasts some great spots for photos. Whether taking photos in the park or along the street, Lafayette Square has been a delight and gives my client a cool, historic urban location.

Images captured at Lafayette Square

COCOS St. Louis

This natural light studio has been a lifesaver for me when the drab days of winter set in or when the St. Louis humidity kicks in. The owner always has a great selection of furniture to utilize and often changes things to keep things fresh. I’ve shot a variety of sessions here including Christmas minis, Santa experiences, family and branding.

Images of studio sessions at COCO'S St. Louis
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