A Little Byrdie Told Me | Things I’m Loving – Winter 2022

This year, I thought it would be fun to give you a little glimpse into my life and share things I’m loving. Some of these might be photography specific, but mainly the list will include a large variety of things I’m enjoying in the season.

Snowball series

Years have past since I last ran a half marathon but I typically run a couple of 5K races each year. After running a Thanksgiving 5K, I decided I wanted to run more and signed up for the Snowball Series which includes five races through March in varying lengths (the longest is five miles). So far, I’ve run one (the 5k), but already have my cool snowflake medal.

Image of snowball series medal
The medal has individual interlocking pieces (one for each race) to create the 3D snowflake!

Evening routine

When it’s cold, I love to be inside and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea after we put the kids down. I enjoy Bigelow’s vanilla chai, Celestial Seasonings’ honey vanilla chamomile and local The London Tea Merchant’s, The Naughty Vicar. While I sip the evening’s choice I write, read, enjoy a television show or game with my husband or simply have a uninterrupted conversation.


I am often listening to podcasts throughout my day as I do chores or work. My favorites to listen to right now are Pray the Word with David Platt, The Next Right Thing, The Christy Wright Show, Knowing Faith and The Jasmine Star Show.

Studio space

I’m so very blessed to be able to rent studio space that’s perfect for these winter months when having sessions outside isn’t ideal. COCO’S St. Louis is owned by a fellow photographer who is a gem to open her space to other photographers. I’m thrilled to offer studio sessions in the space at the end of this month! (I have some openings in the afternoon so if you’re interested, contact me!)

Images of sessions at COCO'S
Some of my recent sessions at COCO’S over Christmas

Teleo Coffee

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know I’m a coffee snob and Teleo has been a recent favorite for my work day. Teleo Coffee is located in a cute, renovated home in Kirkwood and the  baristas are super friendly. They have delicious coffee provided by COMA and Switch Coffee Company, Confluence Kombucha on tap, tasty treats from Bitt’s Bakehouse and wonderful lunch too!

Image of cold brew from Teleo

Coming Home

I absolutely love Drew Holcomb and Neighbors and Ellie Holcomb and when the husband and wife make a duo and record it, you download it instantly. They are both so musically talented and their harmonies blend seamlessly together. Coming Home can be found everywhere music is played online.

Olive & June

I enjoy getting manicures but they can be quite pricey. I’ve tried several sticker style nails but never seem satisfied with how they look, enter Olive & June. This company has a great way to make sure you can paint with your non dominate hand plus have oodles of great colors. I’m pretty rough with my hands but feel using their system doesn’t mean I sacrifice pretty nails.

One Line A Day

Journaling has long been a part of my life and when I heard about this neat diary from author Emily P. Freeman, I quickly ordered it. Each page contains a day with a few lines to document it but the cool thing is each page contains five years so you can document your day for five years within the pages. How cool! I’ve been using mine since the first of the year and really like the simplicity of sharing briefly what happened that day. Documenting each day to save the history of the year is pretty neat and to have five years once it’s filled adds to the cool factor.

Well there you go, some of the things I’m currently loving. I hope you enjoyed my ranting. Until next time…

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