A Little Byrdie Told Me | Three creative ways to save photos

You’ve booked your photo session, planned what everyone is wearing, prepped the kids to smile and listen well to the photographer, had a seamless (okay well better than average) photoshoot and now have the images in hand or rather on screen. Now what? It’s super easy to dump all your favorites on Facebook and Instagram, but sadly too often that’s the extent of what happens to your time and money invested images.

I’m a big proponent of having images printed to display and share with loved ones, but sometimes I find myself wanting to display those images that I’ve invested so much planning, time, money and care in a creative way. Here are three ways to creatively save your photos.

1. Travel mug

My first Mother’s Day I requested a travel mug from my husband. After my second child was born, I requested another travel mug. These weren’t just your everyday travel mug, but they displayed images of my family. Shutterfly has a great selection of these mugs that you personalize and my favorite photo printing company, Mpix, has ceramic mugs as well.

2. Christmas ornament

Photos for Christmas cards are extremely popular, but what happens after to the image? Why not take that same image and turn it into a Christmas ornament for the year? Each year I take an image from Christmas and turn it into an ornament which adds not only another ornament to our tree but also a piece of nostalgia that I look back fondly at when I get all those ornaments out. Mpix has a wonderful selection of these!

3. Photo frame

You’re probably thinking, “Nicole, that’s usually how I display them.” I know, I know, but just listen. I stole this idea from my mother-in-law who for years has placed photos on top of photos in frames. For example, my husband’s senior photo is on top of his junior, which is on top of his sophomore, all the way to his kindergarten photo. Each year, we go out to the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge to take a fall shot in October which is the location of where my husband and I had wedding photos captured. I take the newest image and simply place on top of the year previous. It’s neat to see the changes of our family throughout the years.

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