The Berryman Clan | Family Photography

Before summer came to a close, Cindy Berryman contacted me to capture moments of her son, Andrew, and his family. “With our last picture (referring to a session I did for Cindy and her late husband), I see the importance of pictures,” wrote Cindy. “Because when it’s over it’s over and you can’t get new ones.”

I met up with the Berryman clan on a warm, yet enjoyable, Saturday morning at the Mastodon Picnic Area in Imperial off Seckman Road. The session began on the trail near the creek and then we ventured onto the creek bank to capture some water shots. The guys, Andrew included, weren’t excited to get their picture taken but the boys quickly warmed up to the camera and rocked the session. Since Cindy accompanied the family, I got some shots of everyone together, Cindy with Andrew and then her with her grandsons. We ended our time together on the creek bank enjoying some Fitz’s to cool off.

It was such a great privilege to capture some special moments of this family! Capturing them in a location that has become special to Cindy since she and Russ had pictures taken, made it extra superior.

Karl Lagerfeld wrote, “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” I’m thrilled with the images I captured from the moments by the creek.  

Session Location: Mastodon Picnic Area | Imperial, Missouri
Session Date: July 17, 2021

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