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Imagine with me: You’ve recently completed a photoshoot with your family and you just received the gallery from your photographer. Social media is a great avenue to share with your friends and family your images, but not the best place to save your photos. Today I’m looking at a few great ways to save your photos for years of enjoyment outside the memory view on Facebook.

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Saving Digital Images

Social media is a great way to share your photos, but it is a very lousy way to save your photos. Every platform has different methods for decreasing the photo size. Make sure to save your digital files on a computer, with plenty of storage. Better yet, purchase a small external hard drive to hold your photos. You can find one reasonably priced with plenty of storage for your images. If you have a lock box or safe, it can easily fit so all your precious moments are kept safe and secure.

Wall Galleries

A way to save your photos, gallery wall

One way to save your photos and enjoy them is display them throughout your home. Wall galleries can contain much more than the traditional prints since you can now purchase your photos printed onto canvas, metal, wood and more! I’m a big fan of displaying photos I capture throughout my home and try on a yearly basis to update those precious moments.

If there’s an annual image that is captured, keep the old ones in the frame with its current one. This way, when you update the image you can look back on the changes. (Note: I can’t take credit for this marvelous idea, it’s all my mother-in-law!)

Photo Books

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Cherished memories are perfectly showcased in photo books. These books can be made in a variety of ways. Scrapbooking is still quite popular and can provide hours of fun in creating specialized pages for each moment. A more modern way of creating a photo book includes websites such as Shutterfly and mpix. These sites allow you to create a professional-looking book without the hefty price tag.

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