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Since I last photographed the Kennedy clan (read more about that session here), oldest daughter Kayla married Daniel. Now as a larger family and with Kayla and Daniel living near DC, it was super important to mom, Kelly, to get updated photos as even the wedding photos aren’t so new anymore. 

Not knowing how the weather would play out just two days before Christmas, we hoped it would be nice enough to capture moments at Lafayette Park. The days leading up to shoot date were rainy, but we waited patiently for the session day to arrive… The weather was perfect! It was a mild day, the rain had moved out of the area and the sun provided a perfect overcast day. 

We met at the entrance to the park and I was instantly impressed by their coordinated clothing – not shabby when DC is over 800 miles away! Crossing the street to some of the impressive homes lining the park, we took some photos in front of them. We then made our way into the park and captured a variety of images around the Kern Pavilion, Lafayette Park House and the Lafayette Park Lake and gardens.

I absolutely love the history of many of the locations St. Louis holds, and Lafayette Square is no exception. Walking down the sidewalk to see the carriage blocks still intact warms this history lover’s heart! The Kennedy family expertly coordinated and looked like gems in front of the spaces we used. I was impressed at how well they took my suggestions, even when the daughters leaned in to kiss their dad’s cheeks (I quickly learned they don’t do that!) Always fun and full of laughter, the Kennedy

Session Location: Lafayette Park | Lafayette Square, St. Louis
Session Date: December 23, 2023

Images of family at Lafayette Square
Images of mom with adult daughters, one from DC
Images of family in front of pavilion
Image of family in front of bridge at Lafayette Park.
Images of family on the bridge at Lafayette Park
Images of members of the family in front of fence
Image of family by fence at Lafayette Park
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