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A life of a photographer is full of capturing moments of my family, but like most moms, I tend not to be in the frame. For the last three vacations I set out to document our vacation in a unique way so I’m in the frame too – I book a photoshoot. We’ve traveled to Charleston where a photographer captured moments of us at sunrise on the bay and in front of beautiful historic homes; Disney World where we had a ton of moments captured by the park employees and recently, a photo session in the Rocky Mountains near Colorado Springs. Here are three reasons why I recommend you booking a photographer on your next vacation.

A local photographer knows her city well

    You may think, “Nicole you’re a photographer. Why not take photos yourself?” While most of our photos as a family are indeed taken by me (utilizing my tripod and external trigger), I don’t go this route when on vacation. While I may see some unique spots, a local photographer knows her city well and can have us in epic locations. In Charleston, our photographer took us a couple streets away from the iconic Rainbow Row which gave us basically a deserted street to capture moments, dance in the street and not worry about others getting in the shot. In our recent trip to Colorado Springs I’m confident I would have not found the location of our session! It was isolated, off the beaten path (literally off a dirt road with one lane tunnels), but had the most stunning vista for our background. 

    Images from our Charleston vacation by Victorious Photography

    You get in the photo for some vacation moments

      I absolutely love taking photos and capturing moments, and vacation is no exception. The problem I find in clicking away is I often forget to pass my camera over to my husband to take some. Last year at Disney World we relied on the photographers in the park and was super impressed. If you’re planning a Disney vacation I highly recommend the Memory Maker package where I could download all the images taken by Disney staff. (Some of these photographers were beyond wonderful, even capturing my son in shots he didn’t want to be in!) Scheduling time with a photographer guarantees I’ll get some photos of myself alongside my whole family!

      Images from our Disney vacation done by park employees

      You have spectacular and unique images for that Christmas card

        Think of how unique your Christmas card will be when it features a unique image from your recent travels! I will definitely include an image of us from our time in the Rockies this year on our card this year! Our photographer was wonderful and I was awed by the beautiful scenery in our background. I can’t wait to share this as part of the highlight of our year! 

        Images from our Colorado Springs vacation by Kira Whitney Photography

        Well here are three reasons why you need to book a local photographer on your next vacation. If you’re planning a trip to Charleston, Disney or Colorado Springs, check out the links below for details of what we did! 

        Our Charleston Photographer
        Disney Memory Maker
        Our Colorado Photographer
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