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I was sitting with my Grandmother around her table full of photographs and photo albums. She has gotten to the point in her life and cancer batter, where she wanted to sit down with me and share the stories tied to the photos. As she shared story after story, I realized the importance the photos had not only for her but for memories and history to be passed down for the next generations.

As I began to process the day, I realized how closely images were tied to my Grandmother’s memories. Photos showcase a story in a different way than simple words do. As I thought about the tie between photos and stories, I was reminded by my time as a reporter for my school paper while in college and I decided to return to these roots within my summer project, Summer Stories. 

This summer, my intention is to meet with and interview people. It could be a mom and the story behind why she chose to stay-at-home. It could be a small business owner who is building a business for herself. It could be an artist who loves to create and sharing the passion behind their work. Maybe you love to bake or cook and want to share why. It could be an older person, like my Grandmother, who has countless stories to share. 

My desire is to share the story not only in written words but also through images. This summer, let me tell your story. See the link below to fill out a quick form to get more information about you and I’ll be in touch.

Image of old photos
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