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I had the privilege of meeting Kieran along with his mom and grandmother at Busch conservation area in St. Charles. I could tell Kieran was excited but didn’t want him to be stressed about smiling. We started our time running, jumping and me telling some not so good jokes (he kindly laughed at them!) on an out of the way service road. The overgrowth was perfect and once some nerves got out, he smiled beautifully! 

Our second location was right across the road at a small tranquil lake. Kieran lit up when we made our way over to it and I could tell we would have some fun! He loved sitting by the lake, throwing rocks into it and smiling from ear to ear. He even teased about getting wet, thankfully no one did!

While Kieran’s mom’s only request was some photos of him looking at the camera and smiling, I wanted to include her in the fun and capture some moments of the two of them as well! I prepared her for that prior to the session so she wasn’t thrown and I think those were some of the best moments as mother and son interacted with one another. 

Busch conservation is full of beautiful spots to capture moments and I can’t wait to return to do so! Kieran was fantastic and such a sweetheart. He gave me a huge hug before we went our separate ways! 

Session Location: August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area | St. Charles 
Session Date: April 29, 2023

Image of boy and mom hugging
Images of boy and mom and boy with lake
Image of mom and son hand-in-hand walking
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