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I met up with the Thies family in their beautiful Chesterfield home. Heidi welcomed me in with a big hug, their dog Bo met me with some questioning barks and the fireplace greeted me with its blazing warmth. Our last session was seven years ago and when I found out that the “kids” weren’t really kids anymore as Brady was in middle school and Bella in high school it blew me away how quickly time had passed.

Our time was spent outside and inside their lovely and inviting home. The front porch was our first stop with pumpkin in hand and capturing the smooshed and kissed cheek photo I captured for them many times before, though Brady felt he was a little too old for lipstick on his cheek. We came inside to get warm and captured some moments by the fire and curled up in their living room. We then took some photos in the backyard and common area they share with neighbors which was full of leaves that had fallen and some pretty pines. Finally they broke out a board game and began setting it up, leaving it on the table after our session, to play a round later that day. 

I was thrilled to get to catch up with this wonderful family and capture moments of them in their home. It was a fun time and by the time I left, Bo no longer looked at me with uncertainty but came up to me for some love and Heidi kindly gave me some hot coffee before I was on my way.

Session Location: At home lifestyle session | Chesterfield, Missouri
Session Date: November 12, 2022

Images of family outside Chesterfield home
Images of the family handing out in living room
Images of family playing Risk
Images of family outside in common area in Chesterfield, Missouri
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