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Whether you’re ready or not, school is about to start (if it hasn’t already!) Along with the last minute trip to Walmart for that one last item that was forgotten from that lengthy school list, are the plans for the first day back. From here through the end of the month, we’ll be seeing shots of students as they head back to school on our social media feeds. 

As a mother of a preschooler and first grader, I have definitely jumped on this train photo that 99.5% of moms participate in. As a photographer, I thought I would give a few tips to capture some wonderful memories of your child’s first day back to school. 

Document the morning

The first day back to school is made up of more moments than just snapping a photo. Often there’s a special breakfast involved, a new or favorite outfit worn or something sentimental. Capturing images of those things including detail images will bring back memories for you and your child as they grow.

Images of my son and daughter with first day sign
Don’t stress if the student is too excited to look at the camera….take it anyway!

Capture some moments with them

Capture some images with each child whether using a camera timer or having someone take some photos. (I’m sad I didn’t get any of these this year.) If you child is little do some adorable snuggle or tickle images. If you child is older let them take the lead in how they want the photo set up. Maybe it’s a comparison of their height to yours, or some goofy faces. It might not seem like a huge deal but capturing memories with you will mean the world to them. 

Let them be an individual 

It’s fun for your child to hold up a sign designating their grade, but it would mean more if you make room to list some items they’re interested in, draw a picture or write a brief story. Take a detail shot of this so the sign is captured, and they can one day look back on what their interests were in x grade. 

Images of daughter doing school
Details from our first day of school

I hope these three tips will help you as you prepare for your child going or returning to school! Let me know what you found helpful from this blog post and even better share with me your student’s first day of school photo!

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