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Yesterday was the official start of summer although the sunshine, heat and humidity have been with us in full steam. Spring and fall are the most popular seasons for photo sessions, but you might be surprised how many great opportunities there are for a summer session. Here is a snapshot of some session ideas.

Special Outings

Strawberry or blueberry picking, baseball tournament, zoo outing, lake or beach trip…the list can go on and on of summer activities. Think of your photographer as your own documentarian and have them capture candid images that will be lasting memories for years to come.

Themed Sessions

There are a multitude of summer themes that can be used to provide a backdrop to your summer session (watermelon, ice cream, fireworks, patriotic, barbecue). These become particularly adorable if you have young children but can be utilized for older children or a family session as well. A bonus of these sessions is they can be put together in your own backyard! I’m excited to host some creekside splash sessions in July (Click here for details!)

Lifestyle Sessions

Too hot or humid to be outside? Inside your home isn’t off limits with a wonderful lifestyle session. Family game night, ice cream sundaes or pizza making can be documented by your photographer. If you feel your house isn’t a good fit for a session like this, we can use a natural light studio, I often utilize for sessions. True to life, these sessions provide candid images perfect for a gallery wall, photobook or canvas print.

Morning/Evening Sessions

The long days of summer provide an excellent opportunity for morning or evening sessions. No need to rush from work, eat rushed and feel frazzled when you arrive for the session. There is still plenty of light at seven in the evening to take dramatic images (the cooler temperatures are an added bonus!) For the morning birds, the light is just as gorgeous and the temperatures wonderful for an early session. Bring your coffee and favorite pastry and get some shots of you and your family sharing breakfast together.   

As you plan your calendar for the rest of summer, take a look to see what activities could be ideal for a session. You might be surprised how well the summer treats you during your photo session and it might become your favorite season to capture some memories.

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Images of past sessions
These are images from past summer and lifestyle sessions.

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