The Firle Family | Extended Family Photography

As summer seemed to make its last stand before cooler fall temperatures arrived, the Firle family gathered together to capture some family moments. Large families have the challenge of lots of schedules and when you throw in having part of the family living overseas, it turns a family photoshoot into a reunion.

Steve and Jill are the parents to four adult children who now have their own families. As everyone interacted together, someone could clearly see how much they enjoy not only being parents but now grandparents to their 14 grandchildren! There were so many different personalities and it was neat to see them all having fun together.

It was a great time capturing moments for this family! Seeing everyone interact with one another and how much fun they had before I pulled out the camera, I was thrilled to capture so many great moments! Someone once said, “Family gives you the roots to stand tall and strong.” The Firle family is definitely rooted to stand tall and strong.

Session Location: Bee Tree Park | Oakville, Missouri
Session Date: August 28, 2021

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