A Special Lady’s 80th Birthday Event Photography

Singer/songwriter Eric Burdon once said, “I want my legacy to exist now, currently, not after I’m gone.” As family and friends gathered at the Birch Pavilion in Ferd B. Lang Park to celebrate Patsy (Patricia) May’s 80th birthday, you could tell that her legacy exists now.

Thinking she was spending her birthday going out to a restaurant, Patsy quickly realized that was not was planned for her special day. When she arrived, she was surprised that her family had once again planned a surprise party for her. It took a little time for her to make her way out of the car, but once she was coerced to come, she was flabbergasted to many who she hadn’t seen in years.

Ladies from her red hat club came out and family drove from Bonne Terre to surprise her. Patsy’s happiness led to tears as she hugged, talked and socialized. After a delicious lunch, the party continued as the guests played two games, including a Bingo game which Patsy called. The evening ended with Patsy blowing out a candle lit cake and ended with balloons launched into the sun-filled sky.

Capturing events like this allows me to capture authentic love a family has. You could clearly tell that Patsy is loved by her husband of 60 years, three children, three grandchildren and numerous friends and family. Patsy’s legacy is existing now!

Session Location: Ferd B. Lang Park | Arnold, Missouri
Session Date: May 29, 2021

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