A Little Byrdie Told Me | Summer Sessions Preview

Summer is always a fun time for me! The sun glistens while everywhere you turn there are lovely shades of green. Days are longer which means there is more time after work to do things before the sun slowly dips over the horizon. These are also a few reasons why photography sessions in the summer are magical! As I get ready to launch a list of special sessions for this season, I thought it would be helpful to provide preview each here. Which one is your favorite session?

“Everything good, everything magical happens between
the months of June and August.”

Jenny Han

Golden Hour Sessions

One of the things I like best about summer is that it doesn’t get dark quick. Summer evenings beg you to get out and discover in its coolness. As a photographer, evenings are a perfect time for a session since it’s cooler and there’s an abundance of soft light which makes an image almost magic! I will be offering these sessions all summer long on select Tuesday or Thursday evenings, one hour prior to sunset, at either Bee Tree County Park or Arnold City Park.

Date: Tuesday and Thursday evenings, all summer long
Time: One hour prior to sunset
Where: Bee Tree County Park or Arnold City Park
Details: 20 minute session | 10 digital images | $75
Images taken during hour
An example of images taken during golden hour

Fourth of July Sessions

If you’re like me, you absolutely love getting your kids dressed up in their matching red, white and blue outfits for Fourth of July. But you also get upset when those same matching outfits get messy or worse, the kids outgrow them. This day will be a perfect time for you to capture fun, patriotic moments of your kids (parents are welcomed as well). I will have some basic props that will go along well with any patriotic wearing kid(s).

Date: Saturday, June 27 |  Where: Cliff Cave Park
Details: 20 minute session | 10 digital images | $50
Images of children with American flag

Splash Sessions

I’m really excited about these sessions! While I capture moments of your family, you get the chance to cool off from the hot summer and wade in a creek. I’ll capture a collection of candid and posed moments. You can choose to wear the typical creek attire or can take it up a notch with sundresses and cargo shorts.

Date 1: Saturday, July 11  Where: Sandy Creek Covered Bridge
Date 2: Saturday, August 8 Where: Mastadon Picnic Area
Details: 20 minute session | 10 digital images | $75
Images of family near creek
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