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Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and I was excited to put together a day of sessions featuring two setups: a Christmas pajama and an elegant Christmas. Each Christmas setup provided an opportunity to get some great photos and capture some wonderful memories. Four of my families from the Christmas sessions are featured below.

“Smile like you mean it. This is how we earn our presents.”

The Caruthers Family

Cory, Jackie and Lily are always fun to capture and this Christmas session was no exception! Jackie custom made each of them shirts to complement their love for Harry Potter. We spent the session time enjoying the Christmas pajama setup complete with reading a Christmas story and Lily enjoying some cookies. There were some tears when we took away the cookie plate but Lily quickly recovered.

Family in matching Christmas PJ's

The Hicks Family

I was excited to capture some Christmas moments of her and her adorable family for the first time! Kristy expertly coordinated her outfit to match her husband, Adam, and their 17-month-old, Andrew. I enjoyed capturing tender moments between Andrew and his parents as well as him discovering the setup. We found out that shaking heads and saying “No” is the way to get this little guy to give a big smile. They were a wonderful family and I hope to capture more moments of them in the future.

Family of three posed and candid moments

The Goldman Family

Mom, Kendra, was a model for a variety of Grey House Goods photoshoots and I was excited to see her and her family again. In addition to seeing Scotty, Kendra and Brantley again, I got to meet their newest member of the family, Dominic. Kendra got matching pajama pants to coordinate with their custom Christmas shirts. Brantley was so interested in everything and easily smiled, showing off his super cute dimples. Dominic was eager to watch his big brother and his parents. Once we were complete with the PJ setup they quickly changed into dressier Christmas outfits, complete with penguins, for some shots in the elegant setup. I enjoyed capturing moments of these two adorable boys and their parents.

Family of four candid moments

The Skaggs Family

Faye and Bud are parents to Kendra Goldman, are super nice and were excited for their session. This couple eagerly followed my prompts and did a fantastic job! I loved capturing them as they leaned close, heads touching and looking in each other’s eyes. We spent some time at the elegant Christmas setup and then they quickly changed into some loud Christmas PJs for the latter half of our session. They also brought some matching coffee cups to use while they sat in bed. They knocked their session out of the park!

Three images of a couple
Session Location: Flex Studios | South Grand, St. Louis
Session Date: December 7, 2019
Goldman Shirts: Melissa Mann
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